Delhi faces a small rise in COVID cases, Testing to be doubled

Rise in COVID cases: In a recent video conference on Wednesday, Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal state that there is a slight increase in the Covid-19 cases in Delhi. He also said that the testing for the infected people has been increased to 40000 per day. This decision is a precaution for the upcoming days of Unlock-4.


Kejriwal also said the primary objective of the government has not yet changed. The government will conduct more and more testings. And isolate those who found positive in these testings. We will not take any chances at this time as there will be a huge outbreak of people who will come out of their homes in the “Unlock-4”.


Our government is promoting testing around the areas in Delhi. People have to take this responsibility to get themselves tested for this virus. Sometimes this virus has also asymptomatic symptoms. He also asked people to stay in the home isolation for those who are tested positive for the COVID-19.

COVID cases

He stated the recovery rate in Delhi is now standing at 90 percent, which is the good news of the people of the city. To this date, any of the patients who are in home isolation is not found dead as per the reports. Kejriwal highlighted the falling fatality rate of Delhi is 1.4 percent in August.

He had also issued some strict guidelines regarding COVID-19 in the city. The guidelines are :

  • People who will found without wearing the mask will get fined of Rs 500.
  • Social distancing is necessary
  • Public gatherings are not allowed not more than 50 people. If more than 50 people are found in a gathering then the legal action will be taken against them.

According to the situation in June, there were daily cases of COVID-19 are 2000-3000. In the future to tackle these types of situations the government has 14130 beds in the hospitals and 10,500 of them are now available.

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