Delhi hotels update their check-in policy

check in policy

Delhi hotels check-in policy:  After the 5 months of lockdown, many hotels are re-opening for business and they are re-opening with keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. They are taking full check-in policy securities and precautions in the re-opening of the Delhi hotels. In the well-reputed Taj Palace Hotel at Sardar Patel Marg in New Delhi, the room care-takers are doing their work by wearing PPE kits.


Now the hospital management has changed the way of greetings their customers instead of handshaking they are using traditional Indian way which is “Namaste”. The wearing of a mask is necessary for the hotel. Now the welcome drink is offered with sanitizer to sanitize your hands. These experiences are unexpected for the guests who are coming to the hotels.


Delhi hotels

What are the precautions taken by the Hotels?

Now the hospital management is asking customers to sign a declaration letter which states that they are not suffering from COVID-19 at the time of check-in the hotel.

  • Any customer who comes with any of their things and accessories will be taken by the hospital staff and they keep them in UV sanitizer boxes until the virus and germs killed by the UV rays.
  • This UV (Ultra Violet) boxes are placed on the front desk of most hotels, the waiting area and mostly using in the kitchen for sanitizing forks, knives, and cutlery.
  • They are also using thermal guns to check the body temperature of every individual in the hotel.
  • And hand sanitizer is very common at every place in the hotel lobbies.
  • The payment for the food is available on the menu customers can make payment by scanning QR code on the menu.
  • Hotels staff are also using Portable disinfectant fogging machines to disinfect all the surfaces like furniture, desks, etc which are touched by everyone.

The senior executive director of ITC limited Nakul Anand states that our well known Maurya hotel is working with all the safety measures and precautions because is the most delicate time we have ever seen.

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