Delhi metro footfall increases, Authorities say covid protocols are followed

Delhi metro footfall increases

Delhi metro- On Sunday, at Rajiv Chowk metro station, operators ensured that there should not be more than 50 passengers in a coach.


As shared by the data of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC), the number of passengers in the Delhi metro has seen a sharp jump. It’s been two months Delhi metro has resumed its operations. 


In September the average daily line utilization was around 6,19,242 and in October it went up to 12,24,848.

Okay so for those who don’t understand the meaning of Line utilization, here’s what it means. Line utilization means that how many times passengers have travelled on a particular line or maybe a part of line during their journey in metro 

Here’s what SMRC spokesperson revealed, 

“Even though the crowd is increasing gradually, measures such as sanitisation, thermal checks, and cashless transactions are in place. Operators ensure no more than 50 passengers are getting on to one coach.”

Though there is an increase in footfall at the metro stations, covid protocols are being followed properly. Earlier there used to be 250-300 people in each train. However, now people have become conscious by themselves. passengers have been asked to keep half an hour in hand. so that or they had to wait in the queues, they didn’t get late.

Delhi metro footfall increases, Authorities say covid protocols are followed

On Saturday evening there was a peak hour rush on Rajiv Chowk metro station. Due to the availability of limited entry gates, long queues were noticed in the most crowded stations in the city.

A DMRC spokesperson also said that people inside the metro are also conscious that they don’t sit on seats that have a sticker ‘don’t sit here’. Otherwise, they would have to pay fone for the same. 


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