Delhi police sub-inspector arrested for flashing, molesting women.

New Delhi: A police sub-inspector has been arrested for allegedly flashing and molesting women on Saturday. The sub-inspector stalked and passed lewd remarks at women. Four cases were filed in a single day against the accused. The accused is identified as Punnet Grewal.


On 17 October, three women complained of being stalked and molested by a person in a grey Baleno. The incident happened in south Delhi between 8 am and 9 am. The fourth woman also filed a similar complaint against the Delhi police sub-inspector. Delhi Police said that the accused has been charged with four separate cases including POCSO( protection of children from sexual offences) Act. 


Delhi police sub-inspector arrested for flashing, molesting women.

One of the women described the horror in the video and said that the man in the car asked for directions in Sector 14 of Dwarka. As she was about to tell him, he unzipped his trousers and started touching his private parts after which she asked him to leave in anger. The incident happened when she went cycling on the morning of 17 October.

sub-inspector arrested
Delhi- sub-inspector arrested

She said that while cycling she noticed a grey car. The woman did not look at him. The man honked at her to which she gestured to him to move ahead. However, he did not move ahead and chased her. 

The woman in the video said, “I angrily asked him to leave. I then realised that there was nobody around me and that cars were passing by at high speed. The man in the car started saying nasty things,” she said in the video. “He wasn’t stopping. He went on.” 


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