Delhi: Several cars damaged after school boundary wall collapses in Saket

Several cars damaged: The boundary wall of a school located in Delhi’s Saket collapsed on Wednesday as the national capital, Delhi, witnessed a heavy downpour during the early hours of Wednesday.


What Happened?

The boundary wall of Apeejay school located in Delhi’s Saket’s J block area collapsed crushing Several cars damaged and vehicles that were parked near the boundary. However, no injuries were reported at the site.



The school wall collapsed around 11:30 am. The residents of that area were upset with the behavior of the school authorities as they did not offer any help after the incident occurred.

A video of his incident was posted on Twitter which showed several vehicles crushed under the school boundary.

Other incidents due to the rainfall

The collapsed school wall is not the only mishap that happened in Delhi.  On July 22, a part of Ashoka Road caved in a 10 feet long hole after three hours of continuous heavy rainfall.

While on July 19, a house had collapsed in the slum area of Anna Nagar near.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, which is around 200 km from Delhi a building collapsed after a heavy downpour in a single day while another building collapsed in Delhi’s Nangloi.

Moreover, the heavy rainfall left some parts of Delhi and Gurgaon flooded, causing lengthy site visitors jam in many areas of the capital.

Key stretches of main roads within the metropolis are flooded, as per the PTI. To deal with the situation Delhi Traffic police have released alerts on their official Twitter account. The Traffic police have warned the Delhi people of lengthy traffic jams and breakdowns.

The India Meteorological Department’s Prediction

The weather forecaster department, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted more than expected in the national capital.

Explaining the reason for the heavy rainfall in the nationwide capital IMD said south-westerly winds flowing from the Arabian Sea and south-easterly winds flowing from the Bay of Bengal are increasing the moisture in the capital area. Thus, leading to heavy rainfall.

After the heavy rain in the nation’s capital, the internet was flooded with the pictures of Delhi’s rainfall.

According to the experts, Delhi’s monsoon can be a mess due to a lack of desilting, an old drainage plan, and no percolation.

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