Dish to serve customers a new kind of 5G network

Billionaire media executive and former professional poker player, Charlie Ergen has spent $25 billion over the past decade to buy mobile expanse and his star pay-TV business, Dish Network, a giant in the AT & T sector. Eight years ago he approached sprints of over $25 billion bids, which was the third-largest network.


In 2021, Dish declared its intention to become the world’s first telecommunications company to choose to run its services from the public cloud. 


Dish collaborates with Amazon 

Dish-network also signed a deal with Amazon to build its 5G network on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and said it will launch its first network in the United States in Las Vegas.

Dish is about to build a 5G network in the United States by 2023. Dish has also chosen a new technology called Open Radio Access Network, which uses software to operate network functions on the cloud, lessening the use of physical appliances.


According to this collaboration Dish and Amazon will help to develop 5G appliances such as low-latency improved reality gaming experiences, assist contextual advertising, or organize the movements of a robot at a disaster location.

What is Open Radio Access Network (Open-RAN)

Open RAN represents a shift that enables communication hardware and software from different providers to work together, rather than depending on one large supplier. This will authorize small, potentially creative suppliers to enter the 5G market. This has been ratified by the US and UK governments as a way to intensify competition after Huawei’s ban.

Dish already has a small foothold in the mobile market with the investment of the Boost brand from T-Mobile in 2020. Boosting a 9 million consumer base is less than a tenth of its larger adversaries, but Dish says T-Mobile is faster than expected on the old 3G network used by Boost by large companies. 

Nevertheless, Ergen believes that his cloud-based network can reshape his business. “We are establishing Netflix in a blockbuster world,” “This is not our initial rodeo.”

Dish hopes to serve up a new kind of 5G network.

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