Donald Trump appreciates India for responding his request

Trump appreciates India: India has been appreciated by the US President Donald  Trump for listening to his request to release an American pastor who was arrested last year in October. He was charged on carrying USD 40,000 of undeclared currency.
In May this year, after the President intervened, Tennessee Pastor Bryan Nerren was released by India.
In the Oval Office of the White House, Nerren attended a round table with the president along with some other American citizens who were released from overseas abductions and detentions.
Donald Trump appreciated and quoted that “ India responded very well to my request”. He also told about the taped meeting he attended with a group of American citizens who were abducted or detained Overseas. The Trump administration helped them to return back home.
On 24th August 2020(Monday), during the first night of the fourth day of Republican National Convention, the taped round table was broadcasted.


Marten, from the International House of Prayer Ministries, told that he was arrested in October last year in Bagdogra, West Bengal by the Indian Officials and was charged for traveling with the undeclared currency of USD 40,000.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Other than Nerren, there were some other people also present in that round table including Michael White, a US Navy Veteran who was arrested in 2018 in July while visiting his girlfriend in Iran, and Sam Goodwill a world traveler. On 25th March 2019, from Iraq, he entered northern Syria and then was taken into custody for a failure to have a visa.
All of them narrated their stories in the round table meeting and thanked the President for his efficient efforts to get them back home.
The Christian leaders from Tennessee and US Lawmakers organized a campaign for Nerren’s release with both India and his administration and after that, the President took an initiative to request India to release him.
In February this year, the wife of Nerren, Rhonda J Nerren, wrote a letter to the President requesting him to work for the release of his husband.

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