Donald Trump not trustworthy on Coronavirus vaccine:Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, who is the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, has said that she would not take the Coronavirus vaccine, if it will be approved before November 3. According to her, Donald Trump is not trustworthy on this as he will try to expedite the vaccine before the elections.


Kamala Harris in an interview

On Saturday, An interview excerpt broadcasted by CNN, Harris was asked whether she will be willing to take a vaccine approved by the US government and distributed before the election on November 3.


She responded, “Well, I think it’s going to be an issue for everyone.”

She said, “I will no trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information who is talking about the efficiency and potential of the vaccine.” It was only an excerpt from the interview and the full interview will air on Sunday.

Her Comments come between the concerns from scientists, public health officials, and some Legislators who said that Trump will try to expedite the Coronavirus vaccine.

Public health experts generally agree that the pre-election timeline of the vaccine is most unlikely.


To date, more than 6.2 million people infected from the virus in the US, and at least 188,000 people have died, the highest number of deaths in any country in the world.

Public health officials also have raised concerns that the United States can see a sudden rise in the number of Coronavirus cases following gatherings over the Labour Day holiday this weekend.

During the interview, Kamala Harris also said that she would not believe any scientists and public health officials associated with Trump administration would be able to relay accurately the safety of a vaccine to the public.”

She taunted,” Because he’s looking at an election is coming up in less. than 60 days and he is greedy for what he cannot and wanted to be a leader on this issue when he is not.”

When will the US develop its own vaccine?

Several of the world’s more promising Coronavirus vaccine is being developed by the United States and the White House, under its operation Warp Speed”, currently aims to produce 300 million vaccine doses.

Under a plan, that simultaneously scales up the production capacity, the initiative aims to have the first batch by January 2021.

However, Trump has been very vocal about his desire for the vaccines to be distributed months before that.


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