Donald Trump plans to nominate Judge Barrett to US Supreme Court

Trump nominate Judge Barrett

After the sad death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg, United Sates President Donald Trump is planning to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the nine member bench of the US Supreme Court to fill up the vacancy. US President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will announce the nominee for the Supreme Court at Rose Garden of the White House.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett favourite choice of conservative Christians and republicans

Presently Judge Amy Coney Barrett (48) is a judge on the 7th circuit court of Appeals. She was nominated by President Donald Trump for the post in 2017. The US Senate confirmed the nomination of Ms. Barrett by 55-43 votes. However, there are chances that President Trump can revert his decision on Sunday. Ms. Barrett is a popular choice among conservative Christians who are hoping to overturn the important decision in Roe v.Wade which established woman’s right to an abortion. She also has support of conservative Republican senators. US President was reported to have met Barrett earlier this week.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump nominate Judge Barrett

Once appointed a person serves as judge in Supreme Court for lifetime without any retirement age

The nominations for the Supreme Court is the most important part of carrier of any judge as it involves being appointed for lifetime and does not have any retirement age which is one of the basic regulation in other apex courts.

Trump has to face a lot of opposition from Democrats including Former Vice President and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden saying that the decision is needed to be taken by the winner of the next presidential elections which are set for November 3. However, Donald Trump has decided to move forward with his decision despite the strong opposition. Trump added that it is duty as given by Constitution to fill up the vacancy in the Supreme Court.


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