Donald Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses

Donald Trump refuses

US President Donald Trump has refused to commit to the peaceful transfer of power if he loses the US presidential elections. During the press conference on September 23 he declined to commit to the peaceful transfer if his opponent Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the presidential elections.


Same refusal came from Trump four years ago

This same refusal happened four years ago. The republic nominee and now president Donald Trump refused to honor the results of ballot elections four years ago if his rival was  democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would have won the elections.


If Trump loses, the transferal of power would not be easy

Trump said in the press conference that he would see what happens in response to the question asked to him about committing to the peaceful transfer of the power to Joe Biden. He is totally against the ballot elections and has complained about the matter and has said that the ballots are disaster.

Donald Trump

Joe Bien on responding to the comments of his opponent Republic nominee Donald Trump he said “What country are we living in?”. He added that that the comments of President Trump does not surprise him as he says the most irrational things.

US Presidential elections are on November 3

Trump had started a month long campaign against mail in voting as according to him this method in elections will lead to a massive fraud. However more and more states are in the favour of mail-in voting to keep the American citizens safe amid the global pandemic.

The US Presidential elections are set to take place on November 3. The two candidates, Republic nominee and present President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are pressing different campaigns to boost their candidacy to win the elections. No assumptions could be made about the results but it is unavoidable to have engrossing elections.


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