Donald Trump ‘s re-election pitch: American dream vs Socialist America

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump formally accepted the nomination of Republican Party nomination to run the second term. He portrayed the upcoming elections as the clash between the ‘American Dream’ which he claimed to represent and the socialist society, he warned his opponent would bring it.


He said in his speech that it is the most important election in the history of America. This election will decide whether we save the American Dream or whether we allow socialist party agendas to demolish our cherished country’s destiny.


Trump gave his speech on the fourth and last night of the 4-day Republic party virtual convention that has 1500 huge in-person gathering in the south Lawns of White House with no masks and social distancing norms followed.

He further added that your votes will decide whether we protect the law Abiding Americans or whether we give free control to some violent criminals and agitators who threaten our citizens. This election will also decide whether we save the way of American life or whether we allow a radical movement to dismantle or destroy it.

Trump has given 70 minutes long speech in which he involved the name of his opponent Biden, more than 40 times and taken China names almost 15 times. He said that his administration will not rely on Beijing and his agenda would be Made in the USA. While targeting his opponent Biden he said that Biden motto would be Made in China.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump ‘s re-election pitch

After the speech, he brought down the curtain on the convention phase of a long and tortured election campaign and set the stage for the presidential and vice Presidential debates from late September to early October. The US President also discussed his lines of attack for the upcoming weeks.

In reply to the president’s speech, Biden said you should be scared of Joe Biden because they are pointing what is happening in Donald Trump ‘s America. He further added that Trump is the reason behind the violence and Biden will work to calm the tensions and root out systematic racism.

He also warned the US President Donald Trump to be beware of him, as in this chaos his chances to win are more and he is going to win the elections.

Meanwhile, BlackLivesMatter Protestors demonstrated outside the white house during the finale night and chanted slogan and more against Donald Trump and another spokesman. Even racial tension continued to grow in some countries.


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