Dubai: Daughters of Indo-Pak couple waiting for Indian passports

Indian passports

Two sisters, who were born to an Indian man and his Pakistani wife, said that their lives got stuck in Dubai, as they lack legal documents to visit their parental home town. They said that they have applied for Indian passports in the year 2011, but the government has yet to issue them.


The elder sister sent an email

In an email to Gulf news, Mehrose who is of 28 years and her sister who is a year younger than her stated that their lives are stuck, they can’t work or live a normal life. They were kind of ‘helpless’ there.


Mehrose narrated their story in the email. She wrote that their father was Indian and their mother is a Pakistani. Their family had been living in Dubai for almost 60 years.

In the email, she wrote, “My grandfather, grandmother, and father are all died and buried in Dubai. I have a younger sister and younger brother and all three of us born and brought up in Dubai.”

She informed her father died when she was only 15 years old.

Rules changed

She told in the email that when they were younger they were allowed to visit India on their mother’s passport. Her father was handling everything but when her father died and they passed the schools. They have to make new passports as the rules changed.

Mehrose siblings are so keen to get their Indian passports.


Approached Indian Consulate for help

She further told her story in the email, “Since my two younger siblings and I didn’t have any Indian passport, we approached the Indian Consulate for the passports, but they refused, saying that our father didn’t register us within one year of birth. After so many years of trying and requests, they told us to bring affidavits from Pakistani Consulate that we are not applying for the Pakistani passports, which we told them.”

After everything, the case was accepted in 2011 and all the relevant documents and forms were filled. Then it was sent to India. Meanwhile, Mehrose and her sister turned 19 years old and 18 years old respectively. So, their brother was issued an Indian passport as he was still under 18 years. But two sisters were told to fill new forms as they have crossed 18 years

After the new forms were filled, it was sent to India and two sisters were told not to come to the Consulate and they would be informed by email. From 2011 to now, they are waiting for a reply from India.

The case is still pending with MHA

When contacted the Indian Consulate, it informed the vase of two sisters is still pending in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in India which is a nodal authority for granting citizenship.

The two sisters are helpless and said, “We can’t move freely, we can’t get married and our lives are stuck here.” It’s been 9 years and their case is still pending.


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