Dubai Economy shuts down restaurant in Al Safa 2 for breaking Covid 19 rules

A restaurant in the residential area of Al Safa 2 closed by Dubai Economy violating the COVID 19 rules. In the latest rounds of its inspection, Dubai Economy shuts down a restaurant temporarily, for not following COVID 19 social distancing norms.


Dubai Economy in Action

On Tuesday, the Department of Economic Development informed that 16 shops were issued warnings and instructed to place stickers of physical distancing throughout their establishment.


In addition to that, nine shops were charged with heavy fines for their employees not wearing face masks and also for not maintaining social distancing among the customers.

However, the good thing is that during the COVID 19 inspections, 762 establishments or shops were found to be following all the safety measures required to prevent COVID 19 infection.

The restaurant is closed one day after the Dubai police arrested two managers of a tourism company and a DJ for organizing a party for more than 100 people in an enclosed space.

Guidelines issued for the establishment for the prevention from COVID 19 virus

As per the precautionary COVID-19 rules issued by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), tables are to be set up two meters apart from each other. One table can have a maximum of four people. Under the NCEMA guidelines, up to 60 percent of the total capacity is allowed to enter the premises.

Also, Hand sanitizers must be available and waiting areas should remain closed. Restaurants are advised to provide diners with disposable cutlery. Face masks must be worn all the time, except while eating the diner.

Dubai Economy further added that all establishments are required to follow all the safety measures including placing physical distancing stickers throughout, wearing face masks and hand gloves, providing sanitizers, and checking the body temperature of all the people in the restaurants and shops.

It is also requested to the people to use smart and contactless payment methods in order to ensure their safety from the infection.


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