Dubai: Man pretends to be an Emirati, cheats woman of 2,35,000 Dhirams on false marriage hope

A man in Dubai, who pretended to be an Emirati and allegedly cheated a woman of 2,35,000 Dhirams and forced her to pay other amount and 11 cheques by blackmail and threats, has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance.


How the man mislead the woman?

In the court, judges heard from the 45-year-old man, who Yemeni executive manager that how he lured the woman to transferring up to 2,35,000 Dhirams to him in cash after promising to marry her. He pretended to be a national Emirati to the woman and give her a fake name. He convinced the woman to give him money by saying that he is going to furnish their after marriage house and the money will help him out to sort the financial issues.


After some time, the man started to threaten the woman and blackmailed her that he will call the woman’s brother and Send him the photos, she sent to the man if she didn’t give him more money.

He also blackmailed the women to defame her by the video clips she sent to him and verbally abused the woman on WhatsApp voice notes.

The case was registered on August 28 last year at Al Barsha police station.

Dubai: Man pretends to be an Emirati

What woman said about the case?

The complainant, a 32-year-old Emirati woman, said that she had met the accused on a matrimonial site. She said, “He gave me a fake name then, claiming to be an Emirati. He proposed to me in April last year. With time, our relationship got stronger, we exchanged mobile numbers after he gained my trust. He then started to asking money on different occasions and I helped him. I issued many cheques to him for rent and other matters.”

Also, she told the Dubai police that she had given the number of her brother to the man to discuss their marriage. She has transferred approximately 2,35,000 Dhirams in cash to the accused and issued many cheques to him and paid him additional 2,000 Dhirams.

WhatsApp conversations

The woman presented her mobile phone to the investigators as evidence as it has WhatsApp conversation related to the matter.

The conversations showed that the defendant was continuously asking the complainant to borrow money which contradicts the statement of the defendant that she owes him 50,000 Dhirams.

The case trial is adjourned till October 13.


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