During Covid-19, Government has conduct the exam is it good

Covid-19: Novel coronavirus is a harmful virus. It is spread into the air and those people contact corona patients they also have corona patients. Where everyone is struggling with lots of problems, all people wait for 4.0 lockdown, it is open on 1 September in the 4th stage. Since 22nd march in India has lockdown than everything is closed except the hospital, medical shop, or ration shop is open.


Coronavirus cases in India

Coronavirus case is the increased day by day. The detection of the corona in the country has reached the 3,94,77,848, the deaths rate is 61,755 and the recovery rate is 25,89,001. In this situation where everyday cases increased so why the government has taken the exams. Jee’s mains exam has started from 1st September to 6th September. Is it safe?


Jee mains exams conduct

Jee mains and neet is going to be held from 1st to 6th of September despite several protests and hunger strikes the education ministry had decided to go on with the exam. However, the cm of 6 states has filed a review petition in the supreme court against its order of 17th august. Here we are going to analyze the points given by the people seeking postponement and conducting exams

According to those who seek postponement

1) when there were around 100 cases a day u had declared a lockdown but when there are 70k cases of corona a day you are taking the exams
2) there are family members in our house what if some of them get infected
3) in many of the states of India there are floods so how can we reach the exam center

Covid 19

According to those who want the exam to be conducted

1) Exams had already been postponed twice and it’s going to affect our future
2) vaccine will not be available till next year
3) government is taking all the necessary precautions so what is the problem
4) we had prepared since last 2 or 3 years and can’t waste our preparation
Tsui worker had been on a hunger strike for the last 2 days and they are demanding the exams to be postponed.
It’s not like only opposition parties are seeking postponement but social workers, Allen Institute, BJP cabinet minister Subramanium swami, Sonu Sood, Nita Ambani, and a lot of others had asked pm Narendra Modi to j intervene but the government is looking to go on with the exams

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