During winters, Covid 19 may touch 15,000. How to avoid the winter covid double blow?

Covid 15000 cases

In September there was an average of 3500 COVID cases in Delhi. In October till now, there are around 2600 cases daily to be reported. And now reports are revealing that during the winter season there will be about 15000 cases per day. Here is what experts have to say about the upcoming condition.


Pollution and covid 19 pandemic is a lethal combination:

The reasons for such a surge are many. Firstly there will be a festival rush. According to research published under the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health states that viruses could travel a greater distance with particulate matter.


Increase in Particulate matter means an increase in covid 19 death rate:

According to the Harvard Study, an increase of one microgram per cubic metre in PM2.5 is associated with an increase of 8% covid 19 death rate. Dr Askhay Budgraja is a consultant in the pulmonary department at Aakash Healthcare. He said,


“In India, we witness huge spikes in PM2.5 levels in winter. This means that mortality due to Covid-19 in our country may increase substantially if preventive measures aren’t followed strictly.”

Vulnerable groups should avoid unnecessary outings to minimize the risk of infection:

Dr Misra of Fortis C-Doc said that wearing masks can reduce the exposure to both pollution as well as covid 19 viruses. Also, he advised people suffering from diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or heart disease should take flu and pneumonia shots. Also, he added that they should stay away from festival crowds.

As said by Dr Jugal Kishore pollution and COVID 19 pandemic is a lethal combination. And hence one should avoid getting out unnecessarily. Dr Jugal Kishore is professor and head of community medicine at Safdarjung hospital.


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