Everything you need to know about India’s first coronavirus vaccine: Covaxin

coronavirus vaccine Covaxin

Covaxin: Coronavirus pandemic has impacted many lives both physically and mentally. Under normal circumstances, it usually takes years before releasing the vaccine. However, COVID has pressed a forward button on all vaccines and currently there are more than 170 vaccines in progress.


India’s first vaccine is named Covaxin. It is developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with ICMR( Indian Council of Medical Research). Currently, the vaccine is in its phase 2 clinical trial. And now the vaccine has got the approval for the third phase clinical trial.


Reports say that DGCI( Drugs Controller General of India) has asked the makers to submit Complete safety and immunogenicity data of phase 2 trial along with some clarifications before proceeding with the third stage.

The animal-based trial of the vaccine provided favourable results. Further, the vaccine candidate has been tested in 12 hospitals all over India including Hyderabad, Goa, Delhi, Rohtak, Bhubaneswar and Kancheepuram. Volunteers aged between 18 and 55 had no comorbidities.”The vaccine candidate was found to generate robust immune responses. Thus, preventing infection and disease in the primates upon high amounts of exposure to live SARS-CoV-2 virus.”


The science behind the coronavirus vaccine Covaxin:

Covexin is an inactivated vaccine meaning that the virus pathogen itself is deactivated so that it does not cause any infection. However, some of the parts of the virus can be identified by our immune system and hence an immune-mediated reaction can happen. A strain of isolated coronavirus was taken from National Institute of Virology of Pune by Bharat Biotech which was developed into a vaccine at Hyderabad facility in Genome Valley.

What to expect from Covaxin:

ICMR says that vaccine candidates will follow the global norms. And once trials are done, 300 million doses will be targeted by Bharat biotech.


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