Facebook Merges Messenger With Instagram ‘s DM

Facebook Merges Messenger

On Wednesday, Instagram provided its users with an option to connect Instagram direct messages with Messenger. This means that users can now send messages to Messenger people from Instagram, and the other way around.


This merging of the Messenger service and Instagram’s direct message by the company came more than 18 months after Mark Zuckerberg, shared his plan to merge both the platforms.


So, What’s New?

The direct message feature on Instagram is 7 years old and now it will be replaced by Facebook’s messenger. After this update users of Instagram and Facebook will be able to send messages to Messenger people from Instagram, and the other way around.

The merge makes it easier for people using just one of those platforms to reach out and contact people on the other platform, without the need to download a separate app. Moreover, the messages and calls from Instagram to Instagram users will stay in the Instagram app.

Instagram Messenger

However, a company spokesperson confirmed that this merging and cross-communication on both of these platforms will not be end-to-end encrypted initially.

The company informed that this new feature will be rolled out in “a few countries” initially, and “globally soon”.

But why this merging?

This merging of two old features is a plan of the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Earlier around 18 months ago he had shared his plan to integrate Facebook and Instagram. The reason behind this integration is that users would be able to contact more people since they could do so from any of the three apps.

However, this decision of the company attracted some critics stating that by merging Facebook features with the would-be competitors that it acquired.

This decision came out in a midway when Facebook is stuck in several highly publicized scandals.

The company’s spokesperson also informed that there are other new features included in the new change, such as selfie stickers and a vanish mode.


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