“Fake News”: Trump On Report That He Paid $750 In Income Taxes In 2016

Again in another set of events, US President and Republic Nominee for the upcoming Presidential elections Donald Trump has made his way to the news headlines when a paper published some breaking facts of tax exemption of President Trump for almost 20 years.


A paper published that Trump has paid just $750 to federal income tax system in his first year of Presidency

It was published that in the year of 2016, the year DonaldTrump was nominated as US President only $750 was paid by him in federal income taxes in the first year in White House. Also the paper published the tax return data extending more than 20 years.


It is claimed that Trump has not paid taxes in 10 years of 15 years at all

It added that DonaldTrump has not paid tax return at all in 10 years for the previous 15 years claiming that he lost much more money than he made in the following years. However after coming up of the news, Trump immediately dismissed the statements stating that this is all ‘fake news’.

It is not compulsory for the US Presidents to make their personal finances public, however all the Presidents since Richard Nixon has done so.


US President DonaldTrump has broken this customs by not making his personal finances public to the world, hence leading to the speculation of something unusual. However Trump is not new to the allegations made by various people and media.

The lawyer of Trump organization, Alan Garten however in the response told that President Trump has paid millions of dollars to the federal tax system including all the personal taxes since he announced his candidacy for US President in 2015.

His personal finances and all the tax returns are the round of talking=g since he became President of United States. And in the upcoming US Presidential elections, the opposition are taking this matter into consideration to prove that Trump is unfit to be the President of United States.


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