First Chinese school, outside China, opens in Dubai

Chinese school Dubai

Chinese school opens in Dubai: Chinese school Dubai (CSD) which is the first Chinese school to be opened outside china offers K-12 level school education opened its doors for students in Dubai on Thursday.


Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council was there to inaugurate the Chinese School which will be focusing on serving the Chinese community residing in the Emirates.


Sheikh Mansour after he unveiled the commemorative marker said we welcome the opening of First Chinese school outside China in Dubai as a step that reflects the strengthening and friendship ties between the People’s Republic of China and the UAE,

The school inauguration was held simultaneously and was aired live from Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province where school officials and teachers were directly hired by the Hangzhou Education Bureau.

Chinese Consul-General Li Xuhang said that school Dubai will have the glorious tradition and high-level education of Hangzhou No. 2 High School, which will provide the overseas Chinese students in Dubai the basic Chinese language with a high-quality education.


The school follows the principle of All for the Students and has the aim to cultivate citizens with Chinese heart, international vision, and humanistic accomplishment to complete the mission of building a world-famous overseas Chinese school in basic, he added.

The Chinese Consul-General also described CSD as a win-win project taken by China and UAE which aimed at promoting bilateral relations and cultural exchanges. The school is also aimed to attract talent from China and other regions to come to work and study in Dubai.

According to Li, there are around 300,000 Chinese Nationals residing in Dubai. CSD is the first overseas school that gets funding and support from the Chinese government. Now CSD offer a curriculum in addition to the curriculum boffer by Dubai school in the private sector and makes it to a total of 18.

The school will initially offer classes up to grade 5 and will be on a nonprofit basis.

School principal Yin Liping said a pilot batch of around 200 students has been enrolled for the first term. He said that there was a huge demand from the Chinese Community to have their own school. And it takes only six months for them o built the school.

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