Flipkart ‘s official handle tells the customer that Nagaland is outside India, later apologises

Flipkart Nagaland

Till Flipkart deleted the controversial reply to a comment, many took screenshots and shared in social media and outrage was prompted.


A customer in Nagaland was told by the e-commerce company that a service could not be provided as Nagaland is outside India. While Flipkart was advertising for Jobs Big Billion sale, a customer from Kohima asked on Facebook as to Why there was no delivery service in the state. Here is what the user said in a comment, “We still didn’t get independence and we are still a part of India. Treat all states equally!.”


Nagaland is part of India # Flipkart:

Replying to the customer’s query, Flipkart said that they regret the non-delivery of orders. Here is what the reply said:

Sorry to hear that. We appreciate your interest in shopping with us. However, sellers do not provide our services outside India,”

Later #Flipkart deleted the reply. However, by then screenshots were shared on social media to a large extent. Furthermore, many said that this sort of lack of awareness was not something new. Many shared jokes regarding the incident.


One user pointed out by saying that imagine such a reputed e-commerce company that is run by some of the brightest minds of the country,l displaying such heights of ignorance abroad.

Alobo Naga is a noted Naga musician who joked by thanking Flipkart for predicting their future and giving them freedom too soon. Further, it was added that Nagaland is a new country now according to Flipkart. Rupin Sharma is Nagaland’s Director General of Police for Borders Affairs. Rupin Sharma revealed that he has experienced it too before, though not with Flipkart. It was further added that Nagaland in India# Flipkart.


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