Food Delivery Business like Zomato face fee but demand

Food delivery business like Zomato face fee but demand.


Nowadays, people are more into buying things online and so are the online food ordering apps which control the market.


Though there are many sources but Zomato and swiggy are the top most used applications for ordering food online.

Over the past six months, these apps( Zomato and swiggy) have increased their delivery fees and because of this people have to may more.

What are the offers?

They have also introduced some dynamic discounts and have tighten the rules of order cancellation (some charge has to be paid even when the order is cancel) and then the tip for the delivery boy which can not be ignored on the app and are automatically added to the overall bill.

Exciting offers like buy one packet get one free and discounts upto 40-50% off are available but still the bill is high.


An analyst who is tracking this sector said that the drop in the order volume is estimate at about 5-6% every month since December for swiggy and October for Zomato, in line when these apps have tightened their policies and he also added that “ how the dynamics change post Uber eats deal will be clearer next month”.

Zomato has launched On-time delivery or free delivery’ option which means that if the order did not reach on the promised time then the additional charge of ₹10 on the selected restaurants will be deducted.

Prices have also been raise of its gold membership or prime membership and start cross-selling at checkouts to increase average order value by suggesting side offerings.

In Bengaluru, Zomato has introduced a delivery charge of ₹11 on its food for one offer which was absolutely free earlier and also added a fee of ordering it during the peak hours of work.

Swiggy has also raise its delivery charges at night time in selected locations and the some normal delivery charge has been increase in small towns and cities.

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