Fuel stocks start depleting in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as farmers in Punjab chokes supply

Fuel stocks depleting

On Thursday, Dealers informed that due to the farmers protest in neighboring Punjab State over new farm bills has ringed the alarm bells for the upcoming winter season in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as fuel stocks start depleting in various filling stations in two Union Territories.


Fuels are out of stock

Anan Sharma, who is the President of the Jammu Kashmir Petroleum Dealers’ Association, said that not even a single wagon has arrived at Jammu since October 1 from Punjab due to the farmer’s protest. Farmers have blocked railway tracks in Punjab and unless the blockade is lifted, till then supplies cannot be restored to normal In Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.


He further added that the Jammu depot at Jammu railway station has stopped supplying fuels to filling stations in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

A small number of fuel stocks have been supplied

He informed that 250 oil tankers were sent to Jalandhar and Bhatinda for bringing fuel on Thursday. Forty-five tankers, which had left a day before, brought the stocks today, but they were also not full load because distributors in Punjab have to serve to all.

Sharma said that the fuel stations are running out of fuels and the situation can turn to critical if the rail roko agitation is not lifted. The J&K government has to take up the matter with the Punjab government.


Apple season is at peak

He highlighted, “Fuels stocks from Jammu go up to Leh and we all know that in November roads are blocked due to snow. Second thing is that the apple season is at its peak. Approximately 3,000 trucks are coming daily to Kashmir from Delhi to take apple consignments. The government has to resolve this issue as soon as possible to restore normal supplies.”

Further, Sharma informed that four hundred tanks Used to lift supplies daily from the Jammu depot, which is not the case on the following date. Although, 100 tankers from Manali are supplying fuels to Leh an equal number of tankers used to provide supplies from Jammu to Leh on daily basis.

Among the 400 tankers from Jammu depot, 150 tankers used to serve the Jammu region, 100 served Ladakh, and 150 were for Kashmir.

No product crisis in J&K: A oil company official

However, state-level coordinator of the oil companies such as HP, BP, and Indian Oil in J&K, Rajiv Yadav said, “We have mobilized tank lorries in Punjab from the past three days and the tanks are bringing supplies from Bhatinda, Sangrur, and Jalandhar. Some oil tankers reached Jammu today and some are on their way. There is no product crisis in J&K.”


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