General Motors Co. stops Facebook Ads joining hands with other companies

General Motors Co. finally joined the hands of the other companies like Ford Motor Co. that have stopped advertising with the social-media company. GM is unhappy with Facebook’s performance to control hateful content about the automaker’s brands.


General Motors on Friday announced that it has stopped placing the company’s ads on Facebook and it is dealing with the company to keep harmful content away from its platform.


General Motor’s step will build pressure on Facebook as other companies including Ford and Honda Motor Co. are also not willing to spend on Facebook. All these set of incidences may put a long term pressure on the team.

GM is unhappy with the progress and steps that were taken by Facebook in the past and that’s why the company has stopped doing investment on Facebook.


Moreover, the company is encouraging Facebook and the team to look into the matter properly and take some meaningful steps shortly. So, the company can resume its operation on Facebook in a much safer way.

GM’s peer, Ford is also analyzing the overall efforts made by Facebook to curb the spread of hate speech on the platform. Ford is not only counting the efforts on Facebook but also Instagram, Twitter Inc., Snap Inc., and TikTok Inc. platforms.

Ford also announced that after a 30-day break it will resume its ads delivery on Alphabet Inc. unit,  Pinterest Inc., and YouTube. However, Facebook along with Instagram is not added to the list. Thus, building more pressure on Facebook and team.

Ford is strictly monitoring all Facebook-related platforms and connecting the social environment on these platforms with that of its ad accountability agenda.

Ford spokesman Said Deep said in a statement that, the company will wait for Facebook’s initiative and will engage accordingly. The company aims for greater accountability, more transparency, and trusted measurement to provide a healthy environment on the platform.

Earlier, the #StopHateForProfit campaign also started on Facebook and many big companies decided not to advertise for July.

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