Goa extends COVID curfew till July 12

With the sudden surge in the cases due to COVID-19, Goa has extended its curfew till July 12th. But, this comes in light of certain relaxations placed in the curfew. This means that bars, restaurants and malls can remain open between 7 AM to 6 PM. But, this relaxation in these places will be effectuated with strict COVID-19 measures in place.


It has also been said that cinema halls, gyms, Amphitheatres, casinos and indoor sports will be closed during this point of time. People who want to go to religious places shall also be monitored and certain restrictions are placed over there as well.


Goa COVID-19 Scenario

People have been hit hard by the second wave of the virus. It has lead to an all time high in the daily number of cases in the country. Moreover, large amount of deaths have also been taking place all over the country. It was revealed that people who have been vaccinated have been least affected during this wave.

Goa has also seen a large surge in the number of cases. They have reported 1.67 lakh cases so far with about 6,000 deaths. It seems that the second wave has caused more damage than the first one. Naturally, the mandate of the government is not to open the states drastically.

Goa COVID-19 Scenario: Relaxations

The economy of the state has also been hit hard. Poor people are the worst sufferers due to the lockdowns and the cases. Previously, the places such as bars and restaurants and malls were only allowed to be open till 3 PM. Now, that has been extended keeping in mind the demand that shop owners have suffered a lot.

This opening up of places for extended time comes with a lot of caveats. All of these places have to observe the COVID-19 norms mandatorily. We hope that the situation in the state and the country gets better.