Guest workers discover they are not welcome in Bengaluru City

Bengaluru City

A group of guest workers who had returned happily and in excitement to the Bengaluru city, fired from their jobs, without giving their previous payments. After spending a night on the road, all of them decided, with tears in their eyes, to go back to their home town in Jharkhand.


Tragic Incident with the group of workers

Raju, who is a guest and a resident of Palamu in Jharkhand, had come to the city on September 23, with eight other workers to restart the work in the construction Company at Yelahanka.


He informed, “The company had ensured us to pay our salaries. We came back to the city to earn some money, as we have no other option than this for taking care of our families. The company had been giving us Rs 315 for eight hours and all of us were working till Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, they asked our work to stop coming to work and told us to leave. We were outraged as we didn’t know where to go or what to do.”

Raju spoke to the company in charge and told him about their situation that how had they come back and how unfair this was. The charge that as the Raju and his groups are only 9 members and not 30 members as they were in the starting, thus, the company is straining them. The company has found a new group and they want these guest workers anymore. When Raju tried to argue, they dragged the workers out of the colony. They beat the workers and asked to leave with their belongings.


No salary was given to the workers for their past day work

Also, when the workers asked for the payment of work for the last 15 days, the Company in charge said that they haven’t worked at all. When Raju and his group members protested, the contractor defended himself by saying that since new raincoats and safety caps for working in the field were provided to them, the amount of the things were deducted from their salaries.

Kumar, another worker, told about his situation that he doesn’t have money for eating lunch or dinner. He said, “We cried all night as we didn’t know what to do. Some of us tried calling people whom we knew, but nobody had jobs. When nothing figured out, we decided to inform our families on Wednesday night and decided to return to the home.”

Once again, a group of guest workers started walking towards City Railway station around 6 am. Then they found a truck which dropped them at the railway station. From there they lodged on the Sanghamitra Express on Thursday morning.


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