Here’s why you are feeling a sudden chill in New Delhi:

sudden chill in New Delhi

Here’s why you are feeling a sudden chill in New Delhi. In 30 years between 1981 and 2010, the normal minimum temperature between 18 October and 22 October is 18.1 degrees celsius. And on Tuesday morning, the minimum temperature recorded was 13.7 degrees Celsius, which means the temperature fell four degrees below normal for this time of the year.


Here’s why you are feeling a sudden chill in New Delhi:

Indian Meteorological Department(IMD) says This was the coldest night time temperature recorded in the month of October in Delhi. Before this date, the minimum temperature was recorded on 26 and 28 October 2009. Then the temperature was 13.5 degrees celsius as recorded at IMD’s Safdarjung Observatory.


New Delhi

Why such a dip in mercury?

Now the question is why there is such a dip in the temperature?  So there are two reasons for the fall in mercury as the scientists at IMD says. Firstly, there is no cloud cover over the city during the night. The sky has been clear over the past few days. Secondly, the wind at night becomes calm with a speed to almost zero. Because of these two factors, the radiation from the Earth’s surface has increased at night fine. This has made the surface and the air close to it much cooler.

Is it unusual?

The next question is whether the dip in temperature is unusual or not. Well, scientists say that since the minimum temperature in this period has dipped below 14 to 15 degrees Celsius in the past, It may be inferred that the drop in Mercury on Tuesday may not be unusual.

Besides dripping in minimum temperature, the maximum temperature has also been dipping. Though it is not dipping as night time temperatures.


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