Hichem Mechichi has been appointed the New Prime Minister of Tunisia

Hichem Mechichi has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Tunisia


Elyes Fakhfakh, who was the Prime Minister of Tunisia earlier has resigned from the post due to discrimination and now Hichem Mechichi, recently the interior Minister of Tunisia has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Tunisia.


In addition to being a legal affairs counselor to President Syed and has been the chief of staff in the Ministry of transport. He has also worked in the Ministry of social affairs.

What does Hichem Mechichi say?

“I’ll work hard to form such a government that meets and fulfills the expectations of all the Tunisians”. This statement was given on 25th July 2020 (Saturday) by the new Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi.

Like others, Tunisia’s economy has also declined as the country’s borders is close. Many more difficulties are arising for the citizens of Tunisia due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After achieving the position, now he has a time of one month to form his own government, which will then face a parliamentary vote of confidence. This will require an absolute majority to succeed in the parliament.

If he fails to do this then the parliament will dissolve and a new set of elections will be held in the next three weeks.

Elyes Fakhfakh’s resignation date was on 15th July 2020( Wednesday). His resignation deepened the political rivalries with Ennahdha over allegations against Fakhfakh of conflicts of interest.

Before, Ennahdha is also nominated for the post of the Prime Minister as an Independent Candidate. But then failed to achieve the support of the parliament and lost. Finally ended with agreeing to join the coalition government.

There are hopes that the new Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi will improve the situation.  As he is an experienced person and knows how to tackle these kinds of situation.

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