How Indians in Dubai, tweeting so many Arabic words?

Hindi Diwas

Today is Hindi Diwas, i.e, on September 14, but so many Indians in Dubai tweeted Arabic words to make the day memorable. The reason behind tweeting so many Arabic words is that the Indian Consulate in Dubai invited people to tweet the words which are common in Arabic and Hindi language.


In the past years, the Indian Consulate has hosted Hindi poetry sessions and other events to celebrate Hindi Diwas. The officials found an innovative way to celebrate the day during the COVID 19 pandemic by linking the words with local language and culture.


Indian Consulate posted on twitter

The consulate posted on Twitter, ” To celebrate Hindi Diwas, CGI Dubai invites all of you to write a word in Hindi and its translation in English and Arabic (optional). We also invite people to find the words which are common in Hindi and Arabic languages with a hashtag #WordOfHindi.”

This inspired people to tweet words Like kanun which means laws and other words like Kalam means pen. These words are commonly used in Hindi as well as the Arabic language. While some people tweeted just one word, others attempted to post as many words as they know.

Neeraj Agrawal, the counsel for Press, Information, and Culture at the consulate, who proposed the idea, said that the exchange of words in the languages was also proof of the rich cultural ties which India has with Arab countries for centuries.

Hundreds of years ago, Ever since Arabs landed on the Indian subcontinent, many words from the Arab language was adapted into Hindi.

Many Emiratis speak fluent Hindi

Agrawal, who has done an advanced level certification course in Arabic in Dubai, said that he noticed several Arabic words used in day to day Hindi Conversations.

He added, ” Many Emiratis speak fluent Hindi. Hindi is also the third official language after Arabic and English adopted by the judicial department of Abu Dhabi. It is a matter of honor for India and indicates the strong ties between India and UAE.”


Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi requested people to post one Hindi word a day with its Arabic translation. The mission posted the word Dosti-Friendship for the day with the hashtag #UAEIndiaDosti.

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