Huge Snake Attacks Zookeeper in spine-chilling viral video. Watch

huge snake attacks zookeeper

Huge Snake Attacks Zookeeper: Snake catchers and rescuers are experts at handling the reptiles, still they experience scary moments. Handling snakes and any other harmful reptiles can be a life risking job. A recent video gone viral of something like that. Jay Brewer, the founder of the reptile Zoo in California shared one clip on his social media handle. He has years of experience in dealing with snakes revealed a closure he had recently. The video was attached with a caption too “Wayyy too close for comfort”.


huge snake attacks zookeeper


Huge Snake Attacks Zookeeper: The Viral clip

In the viral clip, Brewer is seen dodging an attack by a python. Saying this in the clip just after the snake nearly missed his face “Wow as soon as my eyes shifted from her, see how smart this snake is? The second I shifted my eyes, she knew that I wasn’t ready to jump.” The reptile took advantage of him with a shocking and sudden strikes a him.

This incident took place while they were live on Instagram. The live session was later shared by Brewer on his account. This video left many of the viewers in shock. Most of his followers requested him to be careful. Also many of them praises him for being calm even after such a close encounter. He didn’t see this coming, not at all.

Jay has over two million followers on Instagram. He posts all the videos related to snakes and his account is filled with such type of clips. This particular video gone viral with over 83,000 likes and eight lakhs views. A user mentioned how her heart stops when snake attacked at him.


The IGTV Video

He also described in his video that, this incident as his dream come true. He said “one of the closest strikes he has had” in long time. He mentioned in the post that the clip is a part of ‘craziest IGTV‘ he still needs to post.

This kind of clip left the scariest shadow on viewers on social media or in real life.

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