India has one of the lowest Covid-19 cases, deaths per million: Health ministry

Covid 19 cases

India Covid-19 cases – The global pandemic has hit India and Indian economy very hard. India may have second largest number of coronavirus cases in the world but the positive side of the current pandemic is that the country has one of the lowest deaths per million in the world, as informed by the Union Health Ministry.


Union Ministry informed that the fatalities due to Covid-19 in India is among lowest in world


The new information was delivered by Union Health Ministry after the day when India recorded the lowest number of cases in a day in many weeks. Union Ministry tweeted on Wednesday showing the number of fatalities due to Covid-19 per million in India. India has the lowest deaths per million of 79 among the countries with the highest number of Covid-19 cases. The global average of deaths per million is 138 and this shows that India is in much better position than other infected countries. The list is led by Brazil with 706 deaths per million.

India has one of the lowest cases of infections per million along with the best recovery rate in the world

In the other  graph as posted in the same tweet, showed that India has one of the lowest cases per million in the world. The global average, as informed by Union Ministry is 4,794 Covid-19 cases per million, with India having 5,199 Covid-19 cases per million. In this list too Brazil take the first spot with highest number of cases per million (23,911) followed by United Sates (23,072).

Another relief for the people is that Health Ministry informed that India has highest recovery rate in the world. The number of cases in India has rose to 72 Lakhs, with more than 63,500 Covid-19 infections reported in a day. The coronavirus death toll ahs climbed to 1,10,586 with the virus costing lives of around 730 people in 24 hours.


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