India moves Nirbhay cruise missiles with 1,000-km range to defend LAC

Nirbhay cruise missiles LAC

After the seventh trial next month, India will officially induct Nirbhay subsonic cruise missiles in the Indian Army. India has already moved the limited number of the Nirbhay cruise missiles on LAC (Line of Actual Control).


Missiles are moved ahead of the seventh test run to defend LAC


The Nirbhay cruise missiles will be formally inducted in the Indian Army and Navy after the successful seventh trial next month however, limited number of missiles have been already moved to LAC in Ladakh where Indian Army and Chinese Army PLA (People’s Liberation Army) are in stiff stand-off since April.

Solid rocket booster missile has a single shot kill ratio of more than 90 percent

The Nirbhay cruise missiles are developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) after India test-fired supersonic cruise missile Brahmos that have the capability to hit targets 400 km away. The Nirbahy cruise missile is a 1,000 km range solid rocket booster missile that has a single shot kill ratio of more than 90 per cent.

The Nirbhay missile travels at a speed of 0.7 Mach and has both terrain-hugging and sea-skimming capability that helps it to avoid detection and counter measures.


The cruise missile has been deployed at LAC (Line of Actual Control) to be prepared for any situation with PLA (People’s Liberation Army) in Ladakh. Both the armies are in stand-off which started this year in May after many decades after Chinese Army started deploying its troops along with advanced weapons in Ladakhian border. And after the clash of Galwan Valley in June which cost the lives of 20 Indian soldiers (however Chinese casualties are yet not made public) worsened the situation at the border.

Commander level talks yielded no positive outcome

Several commander level talks had been conducted between both the countries to normalize the situation but the talks have not yielded any positive outcomes and the situation at the border is still under critical tension.



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