Indian Expat returns bag full of US dollars and gold jewellery in Dubai

Indian Expat returns bag full of US dollars- dubai

Dubai: Imagine a man gets a bag full of cash and jewelry. What would you think he will do? The first thought that will come to your mind will be that he will keep the bag to himself. But this is not the case with Indian expatriate Ritesh James Gupta.


Dubai based Banker Gupta returns a bag containing cash $14,000 approximately 51,492 Dhirams and also gold jewelry worth 200,000 Dhirams and three American passports to its owner.


Dubai police also honored the man for his honesty.

Dubai police give Gupta a certificate

Brigadier Yousef Abdullah Salim Al Aditi, Director of Al Qusais Police Station honored the Indian Expat Gupta, for returning the bag, with an appreciation certificate. Gupta’s happiness has no boundaries after he received such a big recognition from the Dubai police.

Gupta Said, “Keeping the bag to myself never crossed my mind and there was no second thought about not returning the bag to its owner.”

Gupta’s act of honesty shows greater value and significance because he found the bag full of treasure after one week of losing his job. The banker said that it is a tough time for him and he could have kept the bag considering it a gift. But he could never live with that decision.


How Gupta found the bag?

Gupta, who lives in Dubai, with his wife Aparupa Ganguly and their three-year-old son Vivaan Aiden Gupta, had visited a salon in Al Qusais near the Metro station around 10.30 pm. When Gupta came back, He found the bag on his car Bonet. He puzzled and surprised what to do with the bag.

He waited for 30 minutes for someone to come and claim the bag. But no one showed up. Then, he decided to open the bag and check for any Identity Card but when he opened the bag he was full of surprise. The bag was full of US dollars and gold jewelry. There were three American passports also.

Gupta gets a call from the bag owner

The next day, Gupta got a call from the bag owner. Bag owner Boby Hameed who is a Bangladeshi American.

Gupta said, “Hameed was so much obliged and thanked me repeatedly for my good act and honesty. I could get a chance to meet him as he was traveling back to the United States. He had come to Dubai to visit his parents who were living here from the past 45 years.”

Soon, Gupta’s happiness was doubled when he got a new job offer from a bank.


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