Insurance fraud: 5 hospitals delisted in Punjab


Insurance fraud

  • Money was charged from the patients whose e-cards was generated by these hospitals
  • Two files were made that is one for cash payment and the another for making claim under the scheme
  • Fake Entries were made to blow the funds

After the Adesh Hospital at Bathinda was delisted last week, five more hospitals have been delisted for allegedly messing up funds under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Even while charging from patients, this hospital was claiming insurance from the government also. Even, fake entries were made to Mix match the funds.


Insurance fraud

The hospital which is delisted are as follows:

  • Astha Hospital at Bathinda
  • Akashdeep Hospital at Amritsar,
  • Jindal Ortho Hospital at Mansa
  • Verma Hospital at Amritsar and
  • Garg Nursing Home at Moga

Sources say that more hospitals are under the range of government and government is keeping an eye on all the hospitals

On August 22, a notice issued to Adesh Hospital states that the hospital charged from the patients whose e-cards were generated by the hospital. Two files were made, one for treatment on cash payment, and the other was for booking the package under the government scheme.

Dr. Gaurav Monga of Astha Hospital said that he was on emergency duty and could not talk about it.

An official of Jindal Ortho Hospital said that their hospital is de-impaneled but they don’t know the reasons.

The government is taking the necessary precautions and scanning hospitals. Necessary action will be taken against hospitals that are doing Insurance fraud with the patients.

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