ISIS Terrorist Abu Yusuf Khan Arrested With IEDs, Pistols in Delhi After Exchange Of Fire

 Terrorist Abu Yusuf Khan Arrested: On 21st August 2020( Friday), A ISIS terrorist was suspected in Delhi with a weapon and armed explosives after a brief shoot out, as the police reported.


The terrorist Abu Yusuf Khan was planning a “lone wolf attack” soon, as the police added.
A high alert has been declared in the capital Delhi and neighboring Uttar Pradesh. There will be a security check by the security officials of each and every vehicle crossing the border between Delhi and Noida in UP.


The ANI news agency quoted the words of the DCP ( Deputy commissioner of police) of Delhi, Delhi Police Special Cell, Promod Singh Khushwana that an ISIS operative terrorist was arrested at Dhaula Kaun with Improvised Explosive Devices(IED’s) by a special cell after an exchange of fire.

Abu Yusuf Khan

The suspect was planning to operate a terror strike in the city on 15th August (Independence day) but he failed due to the heavy security by the police, a senior cop said by a news agency PTI.
Alias Abu Yusuf (Mustakeem Khan) resident of UP, Balrampur was to come to Delhi on 15th August to conduct a terror strike but he failed to do so. He was directly and constantly in touch with ISIS and it’s commanders.

He was arrested on 21st August at 11.30 pm in Delhi’s Dhaula Kaun area. The police also informed that the accused had a pistol with four cartridges, a motorcycle, and two pressure cookers with about 15 kilograms of explosives (IED) in it. Police recovered all this from him.

Police added that both the IED’s were “fully ready” and a just a timer was required to activate it, but now both the IED’s have been defused now.
The police are also believing that the suspect visited various places in Delhi and was looking for a lone wolf location for an attack.

After his arrest, the police raided in 6 places across Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand, and Ghaziabad.
The DCP also asserted that the suspect has also tested some smaller explosives devices near the burial ground in Balrampur village.

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