ISRO is gearing up to lift off Brazil’s Amazonia -1 satellite in August 2020

ISRO lift off Brazil’s Amazonia: 

ISRO is gearing up to lift off Brazil’s Amazonia – 1 Satellite in August 2020
The ISRO is gearing up to lift off Brazil’s ammonia -1 satellite nest month onboard the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Amazonia – 1 will be the first satellite for the Earth’s observation which is developed, accumulated and assessed in Brazil.


The launch of the satellite is confirmed but the specific launch date is not yet announced. The anticipated time for the launch is in August 2020. A top delegate said that it all depends on the ISRO as to when it is planning to blast off the satellite. The satellite has progressed special significant position from now onwards.



• In January 2014, India and Brazil certified a framework agreement for partnership in the arena of outer space.

• Agreement on the programme of cooperation between the two space agencies was also accomplished. According to which Brazil received data from ISRO’s remote sensing satellite resource SAT-1.

• In July 2014, an agreement on the association to alter a Brazilian Earth station to acquire and function data from the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite(IRS) series.

These agreements also mean that ISRO is appreciative to put together data from its projects available to the National Institute for Space Research (NISR), the Brazilian executive agency receiving Earths important observation data.

• Amazonia Satellite will help in monitoring and observing the deforestation of the Amazon region and facilitates the vegetation system and enhance the agricultural territories.

• With the recent blazes in the Amazon region, the satellite will play a very fundamental role for the upliftment of the disastrous situation in some areas.
The Amazonia -1 takeoff is among the 36 space and satellite voyage ISRO has scheduled for the next two years, according to the central government report in match this year.

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