Ivanka is better for the post of US President, Harris not competent: Donald J Trump

US President

Post of US President: On 28th August 2020 (Friday), At a Republican campaign rally in New Hampshire, addressing his supporters, Donald J Trump said that he would support the fact that women can also rule and added that his daughter Ivanka Trump who is also the senior White House advisor, would be a better candidate for the role of the President of the US.


Donald J Trump has launched an attack in the Indian- Origin senator’s credentials and said that Kamala Harris is “ not competent” to be the President of the US.


Last year, due to lack of support, Kamala Harris, 55, dropped out of the race of being a presidential aspirant. But, Harris returned to the political limelight when Joe Biden ( who will be challenging Trump in the upcoming presidential elections going to be held on 3rd November), the Democratic party’s presidential candidate, chose Harris as his running mate in the upcoming elections.

Donald J Trump


Kamala is the first Indian – American (a Jamaican father and an Indian mother) and the first black woman to be chosen by a major political party for a top post.
The President stated that “ You know I want to see the first women president also, but I don’t want to see a woman president get into that position the way she does it, and she’s not competent.”

Trump’s saying that “she’s not competent” gathered applause from his supporters. The supporters of Trump started screaming “Ivanka Trump” at the election rally. In regard to this, the president said, “ they’re all saying, “ we want Ivanka”, I don’t blame you”.

On 27th August 2020 (Thursday), Donald  Trump formally accepted the nomination of the Republic party for the presidential elections, and then on Friday, he organized his first election rally.
Trump also talked about the declining political popularity of Kamala Harris over a period of time.

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