Justin Bieber Has An Impressive Collection Of Pokemon Cards

Do you think you have the most fantastic pokemon collection? But guess? You can’t reach to that Justin Bieber level of Pokemon cards.


Pokemon is the most prominent and largest franchise in the world. Since the very start of Pokemon, it has cultural influence among the eras of gamers, and many famous celebs are the fan of Pokemon.


From one of the most successful anime to one of the most popular game series and you can’t unsee its merchandise which everywhere and the cutest thing on The Earth.

Bieber On His Instagram About Pokemon

Pokemon didn’t leave the Bieber house as Justin Shows his amazing card collection in one of his Instagram stories. He showed off a fantastic framed collection of Pokemon cards.

The framed collection includes many graded cards that include many PSA cards from the era of Johto of Pokemon cards including, Slowking and Dark Raichu.

His collection also includes some of the classic cards like Chubby Pikachu. His impressive collection also includes several holographic cards.


Well, he has one of the most impressive collections, but his collection still doesn’t have the First edition of Charizard cards or a Pikachu Illustrator card. These cards sell in hundreds kr thousands of dollars.

As his collection still doesn’t have the most prominent edition, but he always can buy them from anywhere, cause well, he is Justin Bieber. He has little more time to catch all the Pokemon cards but still, his collection can give a tight competition to all the Pokemon fans.

Bieber’s Next World Tour In 2021

But well Bieber is the biggest fan of Pokemon, and he can even make Ash Ketchum scared by his collection.

Justin Bieber also announces his world tour in 2021. He rescheduled it his world tour, which was going to happen this year, but unfortunately, Covid-19 happens, and he has to cancel it, but his tickets for the 2021 world tour are back on sale.

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