Kannada star Samyuktha Hegde abused in Bengaluru park while working out

A shocking incident happened with budding Kannada star Samyuktha Hegde in a Bengaluru Park on Friday. A group of people attacked the actress and her friends for wearing not so decent clothes at Agara lake premises in Bengaluru.


The comali actress taken the help of social media to share her difficult along with a video. In the video, the actress and her friends are seen surrounded by a group of men throwing accusations at them.


What happened in the park?

The actress and her friends went to the park for a workout. Then a woman, Kavitha Reddy, came to her and started moral policing them and asked about the choice of their clothes. The Comali star took the brave step by sharing a video of the woman accusing her on twitter.

While sharing the video, she wrote, “The future of our country reflects on what we do today. We were abused and ridiculed by Kavitha Reddy at Agara Lake @BlrCityPolice @CPBlr There are witnesses and more video evidence I request you to look into this #thisisWRONG Our side of the story.”

Samyukta shared a video on social media

Samyuktha Hegde and her friends went to the park on Friday Evening to practice Hula hoops. While practicing, Kavitha Reddy came and asked whether they are Cabaret dancers and questioned their character for wearing workout clothes, violently throwing abuses on them.

Samyukta Hegde

When the woman was enjoying abusing the actress along with her a group of men joined the woman and threw violent accusations on the actresses. They threaten the comali actress that they will link her name in the ongoing sandalwood drug scandal. The mob surrounded the actress and chanted slogan against her.

The woman abused the actress badly

If we talk about the video shared by Samyuktha Hegde on Instagram, the police were present at the location. The woman can be heard saying that she will file a case against the actress. The woman blamed the actress for stripping in public.

After getting frustrated by the accusations, the actress begins to walk out of the woman and the group of men. They followed the actress and said “we are not letting you go, we will not leave you alone. You have to come to the police station.”

The group allegedly blocked the main gate to ensure that the actress cannot escape. And when Samyukta asked the woman to open the gate, the woman said that she is misbehaving.

A man verified the story of the actress to Bengaluru police and said that the girls were working out peacefully in the park.


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