Karnataka Chief Minister reviews Covid 19 situation, orders more RT-PCR tests

BS Yediyurappa reviews Covid-19

On Thursday, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa administered a comprehensive review of the state’s COVID 19 situation. He instructed the officials to rely more on RT-PCR tests rather than rapid antigen test kits. He said the government should not encourage the antigen tests as the experts had questioned their efficiency.


During a two hours virtual meeting, he spoke to the officials of ten districts having a high number of Coronavirus cases. He instructed the officials that the testing should not slow down and the RT-PCR test process should be the standard detection method.


CMO will continue to use rapid antigen kits

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister Office (CMO) said in a statement that it would continue to use antigen test kits for faster results. The kits help to test all the visitors at Yediyurappa’s Home office. A special booth has established for the same purpose outside the CM house. The kits will also continue to use for emergency purposes across the state.

Karnataka COVID 19 tests data

To date, Karnataka has conducted over 56 lakhs tests. Among these, 20.5 lakhs are rapid antigens tests and 34.7 lakhs are RT-PCR tests.

According to the data released by the government, antigens tests are being conducted in proportion to the RT-PCR tests. On October 7, the Karnataka Government conducted 48,658 antigen tests and 55,690 RT-PCR tests as well.

An official who participated in the meeting said, “The Chief Minister was informed that there is a serious concern over the positive antigen test results, which are adding to the cumulative COVID 19 cases of Karnataka.”

Karnataka Chief Minister
Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa

Aiming to reduce the death rate under 1 percent: CM

Yediyurappa also informed that 50 percent of the COVID 19 deaths have occurred in the first 72 hours after the patient’s positive diagnosis and hospital admission. After finishing the meeting, The CM told the media the government main aim is to reduce the death rate to less than 1 percent of the total COVID 19 cases, and early detection of the COVID 19 virus will help in achieving this.

A special team will be deployed to Dharwad District

Dharwad District in Karnataka has been reporting the more number of COVID 19 deaths and hence, the government decided to send a special team of experts and health care officials to identify the lapse in the health care system there. Till now, Dharwad has reported 510 deaths due to Coronavirus.

CM Yediyurappa has also asked the Mysuru District to submit plans to ensure the safe celebration of Dasara. Next week, he will look at the situation of the Bengaluru. The pandemic response in all eight civic zones will be scrutinized.


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