Karnataka: Covid has affected State Secretariat so much

Karnataka– A boost in the number of COVID 19 cases has greatly impacted the workflow in the State Secretariat. The Infection has become more pronounced after the monsoon session of the Karnataka Legislature held on September 26.


40% of staff infected with the virus

It is computed that nearly 30 to 40 percent of workers at Vidhan Sabha and Vikasa Soudha are positive for the virus whereas several other ministers and workers are skipping offices due to the fear of COVID 19 virus.


Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha, and the neighboring MS building are the main centers of the state administration. Over 5000 people are estimated to work in the offices located in these buildings.

People are skipping offices

Apart from that, hundreds of people visit the offices despite the fact of the rules restricting the number of members of the public visiting the Secretariat.

The virus has spread so much that the Offices of Deputy Chief Ministers CN Ashwath Narayan and Govind Karjol are shut and also the office of Law Minister JC Madhuswamy as staff working at their office too are infected with the virus.

Narayan, who tested negative after treatment at his own home, has not visited his office yet as several of his staff members are infected with the Coronavirus. He is planning to get his office sanitized after Monday before he returns to his office Vikasa Soudha to resume work.

Karnataka Covid
Karnataka Covid

Various offices are shut

Sources tell that even collegiate education office has been Shut down as many top officials and staff is tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. With negligible staff in many departments and no guidance from the top, the work in Secretariat is suffering to a great extent.

Several officers have not declared about their Reports

An official said that many staff members and lawmakers have not even declared that they are Coronavirus positive. These people got isolated at their homes and undergoing treatment quietly.

As a result of that, there is a possibility that there are more infected persons than the reported cases from the State secretariat in Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha, and at the MS Building complex.

A senior IAS officer informed me that there have to be leaned working hours and no restrictions on visiting hours of members of the public. The staff with co-morbidities should be given compulsory leaves or make arrangements to work from home.

However, Karnataka Employees Association president CS Shadakshari says that the government can do a little now. It is the individuals who have to take care of their health. The government can not go behind everyone and tell them to things like wear masks and maintain personal hygiene.


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