Karnataka Government reduces fine for not wearing masks after public outrage

On Wednesday, Karnataka Government reduced the fine for not wearing masks to Rs 250 from Rs 1000 in urban areas and Rs 100 from Rs 500 in rural areas. The decision is taken after the public outrage over the imposition of heavy fines for not wearing the masks in public. The move comes within less than a week after the government imposed a heavy fine with effective from October 1.


Heavy Fine reduced due to public outrage

During a press release, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said, “In the recent order, the government had fixed the fine of Rs 1000 in urban areas and Rs 500 in rural areas for those who are not wearing masks. After the public outrage and expert’s opinion it has been decided to reduce the fine from Rs 1000 to Rs 250 in the urban areas and from Rs 500 to Rs 100 in rural areas.”


Safety measures should be strictly followed: CM

He further added that the revised fine will be implemented immediately. Although, during the press release, he also stressed the importance of using the face masks, sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing to control the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

He said that since the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, the government has taken several measures including lockdown, usage of sanitizers, and mandatory use of face masks. As there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus yet, people have to follow the safety rules.

Karnataka Government
Karnataka Government

Karnataka COVID 19 tally

Meanwhile, On Tuesday, Karnataka reported 9,993 new cases, and over 5,000 new cases are reported in the state’s capital Bengaluru which is the highest single-day spike since the Coronavirus outbreak began.

According to the latest updates, the total Coronavirus cases tally in the Karnataka state is 6,57,705 cases, of which 1,15,151 cases are active cases. However, the good news is that the total recoveries have climbed up to 5,33,074. The state reported 91 COVID deaths on Tuesday and the total deaths in the state increased to 9,461.

The number of tests per day will increase soon

According to Medical Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar, Karnataka state has conducted over 1,04,348 Covid-19 tests on Tuesday. He said that the state aims to increase the tests to 1.5 lakhs per day.

The Minister took the help of Twitter to inform that on Tuesday, 55,690 RT-PCR and other method tests were conducted across 146 laboratories in the state, and 48,658 Rapid Antigen tests were conducted across 30 districts. The tests will be soon increased to 1.5 lakh per day.


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