Karnataka Government says, Won’t open schools in a hurry

Karnataka School

On Tuesday, Karnataka Government asked COVID 19 technical committee of experts to discuss the topic of reopening of schools and also instructed them to submit a report. But after a one-hour meeting on Tuesday between experts and the health minister gave no results.

Parental fears on the decision-makers

COVID 19 technical advisory committee, Chairman MK Sudarshan Said that they will discuss this issue in a meeting on Friday. An expert informed, parental fears are weighing down on the decision-makers and schools have to work closely with pediatricians to address the issue properly.

Swedish model for Karnataka?

Health minister, B Sriramulu said advantages and disadvantages will be compared before making a decision in favor of children’s safety. The experts also discussed the Swedish model where schools are running between the pandemic.

Dr. US Vishal Rao, oncologist, and member of the Covid-19 expert committee said that one should be careful about the Swedish model as Karnataka and Sweden’s conditions are not comparable.

Another expert said that the population density, living conditions, and behavioral adaption in India are not the same as in Sweden.

Karnataka Government
Karnataka Government

There are more questions to answer

Dr. Rao said that there is no simple yes or no answer for the reopening of the schools. He said, “Instead, we must find answers to the questions like who should go to the Schools and when and how the schools plan to ensure safety. Once the schools reopen, the burden will lie on the children in terms of how they will adapt behavioral adaptation such as maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks, and hand hygiene.”

Complications of COVID 19 among kids

During the meeting, the specialists also mentioned the complications of the COVID 19 between the children as COVID 19 positive kids have suffered from Kawasaki (febrile illness with inflammation of the mouth, further leading to cardiac complications), a multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporarily associated with COVID.

The official said that discussion and counseling of the parents, the involvement of the pediatricians, and child psychologists are most Essential.

Dr. Vishal said, “Both children and parents need to help in how to be alert at a time when they are facing social isolation. The decision of sending students to schools must be left to the parents.”


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