Karnataka will set up a panel to study long term effects of Covid 19 virus

Karnataka Covid 19 virus

On Sunday, the Karnataka Government announced that it will set up a special panel to research and understand the long term effects of the Covid 19 virus.


According to the information provided by the Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar, the special committee will comprise of medical experts who will take a closer look at the details of how the viral Infection takes place in patients with mild or severe symptoms.


Special Committee to Research on the long term effects of COVID 19

Sudhakar said, “Karnataka will form a special committee of technical medical experts who will study the long term effects of COVID 19 Infection in the people who recovered from the virus. We will evaluate those who had mild or severe symptoms, with a special focus on the patients having co-morbidities.”

He added that this research will help the medical community to improve COVID 19 treatment further.

Karnataka COVID 19 statistics

Currently, Karnataka is on number four on the list of Indian states having the highest number of Coronavirus cases, with over 5.11 lakhs people infected with the Coronavirus. According to the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services, as latest updated on September 19, the state has nearly 1 lakh COVID 19 cases, with over 42 percent of active COVID cases only in the capital of the state, Bengaluru alone.

However, the good news is that, till now over 4 lakhs people have recovered from COVID 19 virus.


As per the latest Coronavirus tally of the state, over 5 lakhs Coronavirus cases were recorded till September 18. Also, it has been observed that the latest one lakh cases were recorded only in a time period of 11 days, while the initial one lakh cases in the state were reported in a timeframe of over 141 days, i.e, from March 8 to July 27.

Increase in the number of deaths within a month

The number of deaths due to the Coronavirus pandemic also continues to rise, with almost 7,922 people that give up their lives in front of the COVID 19 virus across the Karnataka state since March 10. Bengaluru is on the top of the list in the number of deaths with over 33 percent death rate reported in the city.

The number of deaths reported in Karnataka between August 19 to September 19 is 3,595 while the deaths reported between July 19 and August 19 was 2,996. This indicates a huge rise of 17 percent of fatalities in the state within a month.

As updated latest, Karnataka has tested over 41 lakhs sample of COVID 19 from which over 65 percent included Reverse Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and other methods, while the rest were Rapid Antigen tests.


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