Kathy Hochul: The first female Governor of New York

Kathy Hochul

Following the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, it seems that New York has found its newest Governor. Her name is Kathy Hochul and she will be taking office. Many of the people do not know this but she will end up being the first female Governor of New York. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about how this happened.


So, she was sworn in as the Governor on Early Tuesday. She became the Governor at 12:01 AM. Kathy was sworn in by the New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. Her husband also attended the private ceremony and held a Bible while she was being sworn in.


Kathy Hochul: Will give a public ceremony

People are wondering whether she will be giving a public ceremony. It should be clarified that the public function will be held. She will also be giving remarks at the end of the day on this development.

So, people are also asking what has the new Governor had to say over the previous administration. Since Cuomo has resigned and reports of sexual harrasment has surfaced against him, Kathy also gave statements on the same. She has called for a change in the gubernatorial administration. Further, she clarified and said that no one will ever describe her office as a toxic work environment.

It was also seen that she has tried to distance herself from the previous Governor. In a statement, she said that she and Cuomo have not been close.

The Attorney General of the state also gave a statement on the appointment of Hochul. “I congratulate Governor Hochul on this incredible accomplishment and wish her well in her new role building on the progress of our great state. I look forward to continuing to work with her and the entire incoming administration.” This was her statement.

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