LAC face-off: PLA troops tried to close in on Indian positions, fired in air, India says

On Tuesday, India undisputedly said that Chinese troops had opened fire at a forward location in Eastern Ladakh in an attempt to terrorize Indian troops. India also rejected the allegations made by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) about a similar issue.


PLA violating agreements repeatedly  

Indian Army revealed that at no stage did Indian troops had crossed the LAC (Line of Actual Control) or had used any aggressive means, including firing. India claimed that its PLA has been violating the agreements while numerous rounds of talks have been going on at military, diplomatic, and political levels.


The situation at LAC worse after Galwan Clash

Firing along 3,488 kms long LAC is a very serious offence. For the first time in 45 years, the tension at LAC is ‘serious’. Firearms were not even used by either side in the violent clash at Galwan Valley on June 15. This violent clash left 20 Indian soldiers dead while the Chinese casualties are not yet been made public.

Indian troops

No observed growth among troops

The growth on this matter can take place as External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar lest for Moscow on Tuesday morning, where a meeting is scheduled with his Chines counterpart Wang Yi at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) ministerial meet on September 10.

PLA making false claims over-firing of shots

The news was doing rounds that Indian troops fired some shots in the air to intimidate PLA troop who was trying to close in Mukhpari peak and Reqin La in the larger Chushul area in the evening on Monday. But the Indian troops had declined all the allegations that have put forward by PLA, claiming that despite extreme provocation by Chinese troops refraining themselves from firing shots.

Indian Army has made it very clear in front of world media that it is committed to maintaining peace and tranquility. But is also determined to protect Nation’s integrity at all costs.


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