Lok Sabha Session Likely To End On Wednesday As Coronavirus Cases Rise

Lok Sabha: Monsoon session of the Indian Parliament commenced on 14 September. It was made compulsory for all the members of the Parliament to take the COVID test ahead of the session. The members need to take the test after every 72 hours. On the very first day 17 covid positive cases were reported among the members of the Parliament.


Government concerned about increasing number of positive cases among members

Now the Government is concerned for the increasing number of positive cases among the members after recently three members also tested positive for COVID-19.


The Government has decided to cut down the ongoing Lok Sabha session by many days amid the concern of the growing pandemic. The Government took the decision to curtail the session on Saturday after having a brief discussion with the opposition parties at the Business Advisory Committee.

Lok Sabha

Monsoon session for Lok Sabha will conclude on next Wednesday

This discussion was going for many rounds since the starting of the session with the opposition in support of winding up the ongoing session. The ongoing Monsoon session of the Lok Sabha will wrap up on Wednesday next week. However, It is likely that Rajya Sabha will continue with the session.

In the mandatory testing for Covid-19 before the commencement of Monsoon session 17 members of Lok Sabha and eight members of Rajya Sabha were found corona positive. The highest number of positive member s form single party were 10 from BJP. In this week other Union Ministers who were found negative I the first test were found positive on the latest test. They include Nitin Gadkari and Prahlad Patel.

The session was commenced with high safety measures to curb out the possibility of spreading the pandemic. However, the transmission could not be stopped among the members an hence the ongoing session of Lok Sabha would be called of next week on Wednesday.


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