Mumbai ke special pani puri wala’: vendor caught in cam while using toilet water to prepare Pani puri

Mumbai Pani puri

Kolhapur: A video is making rounds on the Internet wherein a street vendor is seen using toilet water to prepare pani puri.


The name of the vendor’s cart is Mumbai ke special PaniPuri Wala. The vendor has usually seen the Rankala lake in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He has been caught in the camera while using toilet water to prepare Pani puri.


People destroyed vendor’s cart and everything after watching the viral video:

After the video went viral on social media, a vendor’ cart that runs by ‘Mumbai ke special pani puri wala has been damaged by people. Rankala Lake in Kolhapur is a perfect place for pani puri lovers. Before the viral video, there used to be a long queue of customers each day. In the video, the vendor is seen fetching toilet water and then mixing it with pain puri water mixture. The video has splattered across all social media platforms.

Pani puri

Mumbai ke special panipuri wala’: vendor caught in cam while using toilet water to prepare Pani puri

According to the report by Zee news, when people came to know about the truth through the viral video, they were filled with rage and anger. As a result, they attacked the vendor’s cart and destroyed it.

A similar incident happened last year in Mumbai itself:

Last year in June a similar incident happened. A video revealing the food vendor using tap water from a toilet at the railway station to prepare food went viral. The incident happened in Mumbai itself. An inquiry was initiated by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) following which a public warning was issued against the usage of unhealthy water for preparation of food.


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