New leads in sandalwood drug case, CCB calls two more stars

The investigation into the so-called drug peddling in the parties involving the Sandalwood actors and actresses and many known party organizers are getting new leads every day.


Racket could be busted a few months ago!

However, sources say that the drug racket could have come in the front in April, when Sandalwood actress Sharmilla Mandre with her friend, K Lokesh Vasanth, crashed their Jaguar in the pillar during we hours on April 5. The incident happened when the first lockdown was imposed.


After a party, Mandre and her friends in the three cars wanted to race cars through the streets. The party was hosted on Sankey road by Aditya Alva. Inside sources say that drugs were consumed during the party.

Was Aditya Alva, involved in the accident done by the Sandalwood actress? But, Alva was saved for a day by a call by an influential leader of BJP. Police say that a thorough investigation could bust the racket a few months before. But, the traffic police considered the case only of an accident.


Parties went cold

Due to thee uncover of this drug racket in the parties, the parties in The Bengaluru gone cold. There is fear among the party people and they have gone silent and exited the WhatsApp party group.

There are many party groups on Whatsapp that comprise of many active and not so active film stars. These party groups include:

  • the all-girls party group, parties hosted by a South Bengaluru star
  • The A-list couple, parties hosted by a Sandalwood power couple which were attended by local BJP leaders
  • an intellectuals’ group comprising theatre actors who had made it big in films,
  • an all-boys group, a fashion party set comprising models and a designer with connections in Bollywood, and the ultra-rich set, comprising the son of a liquor baron, a woman golfer, and a former politician’s son.

Sources say that the drugs made their way into the parties.

One fashion designer claimed that there were nude parties hosted in the city. Many say that these parties were below the radar and was not so visible as the parties hosted by Ragini and Sanjjanaa.

Aditya Alva house being searched

On Tuesday, CCB officers searched Aditya Alva’s house due to a connection with the drug peddling. Aditya Alva is the son of former minister and is the brother in law of Vivek Oberoi.

Aditya Alava is among the 12 accused in the drug peddling case registered in Cottonpet police station and has been named as accused no. 6 in the FIR along with the actress, Ragini Dwivedi, and others.


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