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Donald Trump

Once again, Donald Trump has been accused by another woman for sexually assaulting her. Amy Dorris, a former model, said she was sexually assaulted by him during the US Open Tennis Tournament over two decades ago.


In an interview with The Guardian, Amy Dorris said she was forcefully ‘groped and kissed’ by Trump in his VIP box during an Open Tennis Tournament in New York. At that time Amy Dorris was 24 years old while Donald Trump was 51 years old and was married to his 2nd wife, Marla Maples.


After this allegation, Amy Dorris is the 25th woman to have accused Trump of sexual assault.

What happened?

For the first time on 5th September 1997, Amy Dorris met Donald Trump in New York. At that time, Donald Trump was a real estate tycoon in the US while Amy Dorris was working as a model in Miami. She was introduced to him by her then-boyfriend Jason Binn.

In between the tournament, when she was facing trouble with her contact lens she went to the washroom. After she came out of the washroom, Mr. Trump was waiting for her outside the washroom and started forcing himself on her.

New sexual assault

According to her allegations, Trump shoved his tongue down her throat while she was pushing him off. She further claimed that she asked him to stop several times, but he ignored her pleas and continued to assault her.

Who is Amy Dorris?

Amy Dorris has worked as a model in New York and Chicago and is best known for starring in two episodes of the US television series — ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’.

She has also been featured in several films, such as ‘The Accidental Husband’ and ‘Any Given Sunday’.

Trump’s take on this allegation?

At present, Donald Trump is in the middle of the re-election campaign and he completely denied all the allegations put on him by Amy Dorris by saying that they were politically motivated.


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